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10 Most Popular Ethiopian Food Everyone Should Try


Ethiopian food will always leave you with a memory.  From the color to the presentation, then the scents, Ethiopian serve the most delicious foods and are highly remarkable. 

When you think of dishes made in Ethiopia, what comes to your mind is getting your fingers all engaged. With the tasty stew, all over large pancakes, eating with your hand makes a difference—It gives a natural feeling. The beginning of most Ethiopian food is injera, a huge gray-like spongy pancake that also looks like bread. This meal is an everyday meal in Ethiopia, the most common of them all. 

If you’re considering trying out an Ethiopian dish, Addis Ababa in Africa is a sure place to get your fingers all messed up with the right meal. Traditional Ethiopian food is a wonderful dining experience that hits just the right spot—using your hand. It’s as delicious as it looks.

Ethiopian food

Unlike Indians, with whom Ethiopians have a resemblance, Ethiopians use enough spice, popularly known as berbere. This spice mix consists of up to sixteen different spices like chili powder, cardamom, fenugreek, cloves, nutmeg, coriander, and cumin. It is the finished work of many dishes —it gives most dishes the flavors they desire.

Their typical foods are vegetable dishes, spicy meat stew, and then with the chief of the meal, injera. When eating, people break this special bread into pieces and use it to pick up the thick stew or sauce and cubes of meat—What a combo to munch! In this review, we’ll explore 10 Popular Ethiopian Dishes you should try and what makes them distinctive.

10 Most Popular Ethiopian Food


Tibs, Ethiopian food

Sliced beef, onion, garlic, and butter, all in a pan ready to be fried, makes the stomach yawn. Tibs is the dish everyone should try —because it is regarded as the most favorite dish in present Ethiopia.

Tibs are in multiple forms, types, and shapes. Basically, the size and shape are caused by the person slicing the meat. The most recommended restaurant across Ethiopia for tasting tibs is the Shekla tibs, where the strip of meat is well-roasted traditionally on a clay pot on top of hot coals. Although this form is old-fashioned, it’s delicious and quite histrionic at the same time.

Tibs was originally made to pay a compliment to someone—it’s a  meal of appreciation. It is a cultured way for the Ethiopians to show appreciation and adoration to our loved ones. To date, it’s still seen as a very important and special meal and is served on significant occasions like the holiday season.


Dulet, Ethiopian food

This dish is simply a mixture of small particles of meat and is even more delicious. This dish is made with just the stomach lining of an animal and also the liver. It starts with Beef sizzled in butter and common onion with chili and Elettaria’s cardamom.

Doro wot

 The most used ingredients when making wot are meat and goat; these are the major ingredients. Doro wot is easy to prepare; the main ingredients are chicken wings and drumsticks. Or wings properly cooked and presented in an Ethiopian hot sauce with cardamom, onions, berbere, butter, and Chills. 

This combination is highly tasty, and it is usually offered to tourists and guests—to show a sign of appreciation. To an Ethiopian, Doro wot is a meal that is used on special occasions, like church festivals, national days, and some other important events.


Asa, Ethiopian food

Asa is a fish delicacy and a very common Ethiopian food. This food can be easily prepared with less effort. Asa is a spiced-up filled fish that can be taken with bread or Injera.

When the fish is chopped, it becomes easier to eat. No tiny bones that can choke you or discomfort your flow. Lime juice is a good fit for this meal


Salata, Ethiopian food

Salata is a classic Ethiopian food made with salad dishes— consisting of crispy tomatoes, jalapenos, virgin olive oil and ginger.

This meal could be served alongside any meal you order because it is more like a sauce. Many people regard it as the best Ethiopian side dish of all time! Make sure to properly blend the salad with a little bit of curry and injera and see how it turns out.


Shiro, Ethiopian food

Shiro is most taken on fasting days, and this delicious Ethiopia delicacy is a thick pure of species and beans or peas. When you look at this food, what you see is plain gravy, but with a scoop, you’ll see fillings of onion, garlic, and tomatoes. It is nutritious and tasty, with an amazing texture and nutty flavor.

The components of this dish are berbere and niter kibbeh. I know you must be asking, is this just gravy? Yes, this is just a well-made gravy, nothing more. This meal is mostly underrated in most parts of Ethiopia, but it’s surprisingly delicious.


Beyaynetu Ethiopian food

Beyaynetu, an Ethiopian food, is mostly for vegetarians. This meal is made of different kinds of vegetables. At the top, you have injera and a lot of varieties like veggies, curries, and lentils of my favorite colors.

The sight of this food would probably make you drool. With a combination of flavors and vegetables, this dish has a little bit and more of everything. It’s a dish everyone should try out—don’t miss out.


Sambusa, Ethiopian food

 You must have seen or heard this name before, from Bollywood. Sambusa is the Ethiopian version of samosa. This delicacy is common in the streets of Ethiopia, and it is made in a very simple manner. By baking a pocket of dough filled with groundnut beef, you will have the perfect sambusa

Gored gored

Ethiopian food

If you are interested in Kitfo, you have to try Gored Gored as well. This dish is highly similar to Kitfo, but Gored Gored is made of raw cubes of beef. Usually, round steak or tenderloin, seasoned with awaza, niter kibbeh, berbere, and mitmita. It is usually served with injera. Delicious!


Ethiopian food

If you happen to like steak tartare, then you really should try Kitfo. It is an Ethiopian beef tartare made up of raw minced beef flavored alongside mitmita and niter kibbeh. An Ethiopian spice blend with salt, Cloves, korarima, and eye chill from African ground birds.

This meal is available at most restaurants on their menu and also sold on the streets of Ethiopia. Everybody should be able to taste this meal when in Ethiopia. This dish may not be as popular as the rest of the order dishes, but it is quite tasty as well.

Kitfo can be served in different methods: one is completely raw, and the second is slightly cooked. Most of the time, it is served with mild cheese known as ayibe or cooked greens called gomen.

Depending on your Area in Ethiopia, you can be served with a thicker kind of sliced bread known as kocho or injera.

If you want a full experience, then you should try the raw kind or version of Kitfo. This is made with fresh beef meat; the best way to taste delicious kitfo is by going to a restaurant that specializes in making kitfo. 


Most people prefer Ethiopian food because of its great taste. It’s compared to none with outstanding experiences that will leave your taste buds longing for more. The appearance alone can satisfy you. Although you can find Ethiopian food in the US, the feeling of having it where it was originally made is entirely new. If you haven’t tried any Ethiopian food before and you see an opportunity, don’t miss out on it. Try that meal, and you will come back for more.

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