How to Cancel a Planet Fitness Membership

How to Cancel a Planet Fitness Membership

Planet Fitness is one of the most acclaimed gym chains in America with over 15 million members. Offering great features and offering various workout options to its members, Planet Fitness often proves popular but occasionally people decide not to remain as members.

Unfortunately, cancellation of membership cannot be completed online or over the phone; you will need to either visit the club in person or write them a letter in order to cancel it.

Visit in person

Planet Fitness gym chains offer their members an easy way to stay in shape, yet some members may discover that its services do not meet their individual needs, leading them to consider cancelling their memberships. Unfortunately, however, due to Planet Fitness’ policies it can be very challenging for members to do this effectively; you will either need to visit one of their clubs personally or send in a certified letter stating such. In certain states there may also be the ability for subscription pauses for up to three months which may help in such instances.

To cancel a Planet Fitness membership easily and efficiently, the easiest method is to do it in person at your original gym of registration. Unfortunately, however, this approach cannot always guarantee successful cancellation since staff decisions at each location vary and you must fill out the cancellation form yourself, not someone else.

Sending a letter is another effective way of cancelling your membership with Planet Fitness, provided it contains your name, date of birth, and credit card details from whence payment was made for membership. Certified mail should also be used so there will be proof that Planet Fitness received it and will contact you to confirm cancellation of membership.

As well as these methods, some states also allow consumers to cancel their Planet Fitness membership online; however, many locations still require members cancel their membership in person or via certified mail – something which may violate state consumer protection laws and be particularly bothersome for some consumers.

Planet Fitness has taken steps to address its customers’ complaints by altering its cancellation policy. Before, only in person or via certified mail were members allowed to cancel memberships; now members can do it over the phone or by email too – an encouraging move by Planet Fitness but they should apply equally to all its customers.

Write a letter

Planet Fitness gyms boast over 15 million members worldwide. However, as of March 2020 they still do not permit members to cancel their membership via phone or online; rather they must visit in person or send a certified letter to close their account. They do not accept cancellation requests submitted via email so if you want to end your membership you’ll need to send written proof via certified mail.

Certified mail is often chosen because companies want to ensure they receive it promptly and can verify its receipt. Certified mail provides a tracking number so you can monitor its journey to its final destination, plus provides proof of delivery should billing charges need disputing.

Dependent upon your situation, it may be possible for you to cancel your Planet Fitness membership without actually visiting the gym. For instance, if your home club has been closed due to pandemic concerns, ask to have it frozen until its reopens so you won’t incur any fees during this period of time.

One method for canceling your Planet Fitness membership is writing a letter addressed directly to the front desk of your local club and having it signed by one of their employees – this should help ensure there are no complications with your cancellation request later on.

If you are contemplating cancelling your Planet Fitness membership, carefully monitor both your credit card and bank statements for suspicious charges that you believe to be nonexistent. In such a situation, contact the club immediately so as to resolve it before the problem escalates further.

If you’re thinking about closing your Planet Fitness account, carefully read your contract. There may be provisions in it allowing Planet Fitness to report nonpayment of membership fee to credit monitoring companies which could have detrimental effects on your credit score. Furthermore, make sure to understand their cancellation procedure thoroughly.

Send a letter via certified mail

Planet Fitness gyms are widely-popular gyms across America, boasting 15 million members nationwide. Offering judgment-free workout environments at competitive membership rates, Planet Fitness gyms are great places to work out without judgment from instructors or costs accumulating in membership due to relocating, changing jobs or saving money – though you may need to cancel them due to moving, job changes or budget concerns. However, sometimes cancellation might become necessary should something arise that requires moving on – perhaps moving house, reducing expenses or just saving some cash!

If you cannot visit your gym personally, sending a certified mail letter to cancel your membership may also work. Although this requires more effort than visiting directly, this option could still work well if visiting directly is not an option for you. When writing the letter address it to your home gym location with all relevant details included like your name, address, phone number and Planet ID membership number as this way it ensures it gets processed appropriately and quickly. It is advised to follow-up by phone call after sending this request in order to ensure everything was received and processed correctly before sending.

As your membership contract outlines all of its details, reading it carefully before calling a gym is of utmost importance. Most membership contracts stipulate that notice of cancellation must be given prior to the end of your term; otherwise a buyout fee of up to $58 could be assessed against you – thus justifying reading before calling up the gym!

Although it may seem counterintuitive, Planet Fitness actually makes more money from people who never visit than from those who come regularly – which explains why canceling is often so challenging for members.

If you don’t wish to cancel your membership altogether, pause it temporarily by visiting the Planet Fitness Upgrade webpage and following their instructions. Your Planet Fitness Keytag is required, but this could be an efficient way of saving some money while still having access to gym.

If your gym has to close due to pandemic concerns, putting your membership on hold may also help. While this won’t cancel it altogether, but will prevent charges being applied towards upcoming billing cycles.


Planet Fitness gyms boast over 15 million members as of March 2020, but their customer service practices can be outdated, often necessitating going through contractual hoops to cancel membership. Unlike many modern companies, Planet Fitness does not permit cancellation via phone call or online form – instead you must either visit your local club in person or send them a letter in order to terminate a membership contract.

Sending your letter via certified mail offers greater tracking and confirmation that your cancellation request was received and processed, while email may provide less security in this regard.

You may request a three-month pause on your membership if illness or injury prevents you from exercising regularly, however to do this you will require proof such as a physician’s note to make this request.

If you’re still having difficulty exercising, another solution could be finding an exercise location closer to home that offers similar classes and exercises. This will enable you to continue working out without the inconvenience of traveling and visiting a club; plus it will prevent fees for membership that you haven’t used being charged accordingly.

Before making the decision to cancel, it is wise to review your contract carefully as most often you will need to provide 30 days’ notice and pay a termination fee if canceling early. Waiting until your contract has come to an end may make cancellation easier.

Planet Fitness’ cancelation policy has previously caused legal headaches, and their refusal to permit members to cancel membership via phone or online during this pandemic is particularly concerning. One ConsumerAffairs reviewer pointed out, requiring in-person cancellation during a national health emergency that emphasizes social distancing makes the company seem indifferent and even cruel.”

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